Shearwater TERIC


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Der Neue Shearwater Computer!

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OC REC 3 gas nitrox recreational computer
OC TEC Multi gas, trimix decompression computer
CC/BO Closed circuit fixed PPO2
Gauge Bottom timer with stop watch and dive logging
Freediving Configurable sampling rates and alarms
Decompression Computer
Air Integrated
Number of Transmitters (Optional) Up to 2
3 axis, tilt compensated, digital compass
Bluetooth LE
Switchable audible & vibration alerts
Upgradeable Firmware
316 Stainless Bezel & Buttons
22mm Strap Size (Extender Included)
Ballistic Nylon Polymer Case
Wireless AI Transmitter
Various Strap Colors

Screen Resolution 400 x 400
Display Type Full Colour AMOLED
Display Size 1.39"
Sapphire Window
Battery Type Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Rechargeable battery; factory replaceable
Battery Life (AI enabled) 30+ Hours (Dive Mode)
50+ Hour (Watch Mode)
Wireless Charging Station
Number of Gases 5 OC / 5 CC
Depth Rating 200m / 660ft
Dive Log Capacity (10 second rate) 500 Hours

Optional. Mit Transmitter (Sender)

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Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Spanish

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Shearwater TERIC

Shearwater TERIC

Der Neue Shearwater Computer!

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