Yellow Diving Heiz-Shirt HU Perch


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The heating shirt Perch from Yellowdiving has several advantages:

The shirt is made of a thin, breathable material that is stretchable in width as the wires run parallel on the front and back from top to bottom.

The shirt brings a heating power of 45W / 3.8AH / 11V

The heater can be operated at 50% or 100% power. Switching the battery tank once the controller produces 1 beep- first stage. Switching again, three beeps will sound - second stage.

This function allows the shirt to be worn directly on the skin. The shirt can be washed carefully by hand.

When operated with a 10 AH LI battery tank 12 volts can be heated for about 2 hours!

The plug connection of the shirt is a bayonet plug, which is also compatible with Santi Valves!

( Thermovale Sitec Size  or Apeks Size )

When using battery tanks / plugs, it is imperative to observe the polarity, because of the dimming controller!

We offer the shirt optionally with a Santi Thermovalve or standard feedthroughs and a YD battery tank with 10 or 15 AH. ( With E/O Cord length of about 30 cm and charger!)

A really good alternative to many very thick and inflexible heating vests!

In the download is a size table!