Yellow Diving Heiz-Shirt HU Perch


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The heating shirt Perch from Yellowdiving has several advantages:

The shirt is made of a thin, breathable material that is stretchable in width as the wires run parallel on the front and back from top to bottom.

The shirt brings a heating power of 45W / 3.8AH / 11V

The heater can be operated at 50% or 100% power. Switching the battery tank once produces 3 beeps, the power is 50%. Switching again, a long beep will sound, and the heater will bring 100% power again.

This function allows the shirt to be worn directly on the skin. The shirt can be washed carefully by hand.

When operated with a10 AH LI battery tank 12 volts can be heated for about 2 hours!

The plug connection of the shirt is a bayonet plug, which is also compatible with Santi Valves!

( Thermovale Sitec or Apeks )

When using other battery tanks / plugs, it is imperative to observe the polarity, because of the dimming controller!

We offer the shirt optionally with a Santi Thermovalve or standard feedthroughs and a YD battery tank with 10 or 15 AH. ( With EO Cord length of about 30 cm and charger!)

A really good alternative to many very thick and inflexible heating vests!

In the download is a size table!