GUE JJ CCR Rebreather & Accessories 

JJ CCR CE Version



• Highly robust aluminum housing to which it is possible to secure up to 4 diving tanks (2-12L) using conventional tank belts.
• User repackable soda lime canister (axial).
• Heavy duty stand
• Integrated handle
• Back-mounted (over the shoulder) counter lungs
• Redundant power supply: One battery for the controller, one battery for the HUD and two parallel batteries for the solenoid. None of the batteries are integrated into the loop
• Integrated ADV (Automatic Diluent Valve)
• DSV (Dive Surface Valve)
• Valve for manual oxygen supply with the option to feed in external gases
• Valve for manual diluent supply with the option to feed in external gases (Standard on CE edition, Optional for Intl. edition)
• Independent digital HUD (Head Up Display) with real time display of PPO2 for all three oxygen sensors
• Reliable controller with an integrated Shearwater multi-gas decompression computer

JJ CCR GUE Accessories

o use the JJ CCR as GUE configuration some modifications of the CE version are necessary.

These include various hoses, valves, wing and backplate, and various optional accessories.

In cooperation with Derk Remmers, JJ GUE Instructor we have put together the different components here.

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Backplates & Wings

Backplates & Wings for Rebreather