The Deepstop-Divecenter in Schwetzingen offers a large sales area of more than 500 qm as well as 
a large training room, a workshop and a modern filling station for many different breathing gases.


Deepstop GmbH, Duisburgerstr.4, D-68723 Schwetzingen, Germany

Opening hours:

Monday - Wednesday: 9-14.00, Thursday and Friday: 9-19.00, Saturday: 9-14.00.


Especially for advice on drysuits and complete sets please contact us,
to arrange an individual appointment in advance by e-mail! (

Please make an appointment with Jochim Teske for oxygen and Trimix cylinder fillings:

Birgit Jänicke

has organized many extensive diving trips for Deepstop, e.g. to the Arctic, Newfoundland, South Africa, Giglio, Red Sea and many more. Birgit knows all about neoprene, ABC, swimming equipment, accessories for kids and much more.

Management, Sportdiving, wetsuits;


Joachim Teske (JET)

has more than 10 years of experience in diving technology, his area of expertise is diving equipment, dry glove solutions, scooter maintenance, regulator service and gas blending.

Joachim is also an active cave diver (Full Cave) and a trained GUE gas blender.

Tel.: +49 (0) 6202 9279249, email.:

Holger Behrend

Holger works in our shop in sales, is an enthusiastic diver, configures regulators and also does the corresponding service for you.

Holger takes care of our Deepstop diving-group via Whats-App.
Holger is GUE Fundy trained, and enjoys supporting training and leading dives in the surrounding lakes.

GUE Diver, Salesman, Divegroup leader


Maximilian Wels

Maximilian Wels has been diving since his childhood and is now an enthusiastic technical diver.

He works in our sales department and as a PADI diving instructor in the recreational diving sector.

Contact: ,tel.: +49 (0) 1797304753

Christof Müller

Christof Müller works for us in sales, specializing in sidemount, and is also trained in technical sidemount diving. (Sidemount Fullcave, Mexico 2018)

Christof is in the shop 2-3 times a month on Saturdays and is happy to arrange individual appointments with you.

Sidemount Full Cave diver, salesman

Kontakt:, Tel.: 0173 3626887;


Mike Schernbeck

has been diving since 2006, and passionately!
Recently he successfully completed the GUE courses TEC 2 and CAVE 2 and also GUE RB 80.

Mike is involved in international cave projects and an absolute all-round talent.

Hans Drexler

Founder of the DEEPSTOP online shop, takes care of technical diving, drysuit diving, equipment configurations and GUE courses.

Hans is a GUE Rec, DPV 1 & Fundamentals-Instructor.
E-mail:, Phone: +49 (0) 6202 26187.


A few impressions from our dive center


Classroom and Shop:

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