SUEX Scooter Maintenance

SUEX Scooter Revision

Service Level S 2 – One year or 100 hours, whichever comes first * Service Center

S 2 - cleaning, inspection, lubrication and restoration to factory condition,

all parts and labor included €260 (incl. 19% VAT)

Replacing the sealing nose lock screw

Replacing the propeller shaft seal

Polishing the propeller shaft (as required)

Nose O-ring replacement

Battery test (burn test)

Nose cap vacuum test

Vacuum test of the body

Service Level S 3 – Four years or 400 hours, whichever comes first * Service Center

S 3 - cleaning, inspection, lubrication and restoration to factory condition,

all parts and labor included €350 (incl. 19% VAT)

Scope of S 2 and additionally:

Engine compartment wiring and engine inspection

Replacing the on-off switch O-rings

Replacing the speed control O-rings

Replacing the battery indicator O-rings

Replacing the bypass switch O-rings

Battery cable grommet O-ring replacement

Replacing the O-rings on the body

Replace all circlips

Replace all split pins

Further information and dates:

Regulator Service


Visual inspection, checking and setting of medium pressure of the first stage and valve lever play the second stage, resistance test.
Price 29, - €

Zerlegter Atemregler

Regulator Maintenance

The revision includes the complete disassembly in all items, cleaning in an ultrasonic bath, the review, and the replacement of parts (as required), assembly, final adjustment and final test.
We use only the original service kits, these are included in the price.
Additional required parts (membranes, not included in the kits, mouthpieces, etc.) and spare parts are charged separately.
Prices on request 

Apeks Service

Apeks Kit

1. Stage 52, - € incl. Material 
2. Stage 42, - € incl. Material 
Other manufacturers: On request

Tank Pressuretests

TÜV inspection, assembly of the valve with a new O-ring, filling with air. Steel and aluminum tanks price to 20 liters of € 54.
Note: The confirmation of the audit will be documented by an adhesive seal on the bottle, tucking deleted. 

Valve Service


The maintenance includes the complete disassembly of the valve into all individual parts, cleaning with ultrasonic bath, inspection and replacement of parts using an original revision kit, assembly and final testing.

Price €29 including materials

Computer Battery Service

Batterie Service

Battery replacement for all dive computers and divers watches with subsequent
Leak test.
Price from 29, - € incl. Material

Optical Lenses for Scubamasks

Optische Gläser in Tauchmaske

Installation of optical lenses in Dive Masks
Price from 99, - € VAT optical glasses.

Service Wing/Jacket

Revision Wing

All Inflation-and Dumpvalves disassembly, cleaning, assembly and leak test, functional check
Price 29, -. €,

total disinfection of the inner shell 19, - €

Drysuit Repairs

Manschetten Trockentauchanzug

Exchange of cuffs, zippers, sock liners, valves etc.
Seam sealing, changes, revision of the intake valves
Prices on request