Heser Balanced P-Valve


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New Heser balanced P-Valve!


Doesn`t need to be glued into the suit

Seals to the suit using an O-Ring seal, which is very reliable.

Easy to remove for Extensive cleaning, and doesn`t get damaged or lose it`s ability to seal, by multiple install/removal operations.

Only 13mm (1/2") thick inside the suit, while still having high flow characteristics.

The inner and outer valves are held together by 5 SS Torx screws, instead of one central bolt, eliminating the possibility of loosening the whole assembly while opening the outer valve (Flooded Suit!)

Only 1 turn of the outer knob is required to open or close the valve.

Mechanical Stop on the outer knob to prevent overturning (impossible to lose it)

2 Liters per minute flowrate at 0,05bar pressure (50cm of Waterpressure)

Mounting hole diameter 20mm

Thickness inside the suit 13mm

Outer knob diameter 42mm,

thickness outside the suit 20mm,

It can be used on trilaminate or other thin suits. With Neopren Suits an additional Cordura Pad is needed.

1 P-Valve, 0,4 m hose, 1 Torx Screwdriver, 1 Adapter for connecting hose and condom.

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Heser Balanced P-Valve

Heser Balanced P-Valve

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