DIR Twin Deepstop


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The Special Edition Deepstop-Twins:

Our well-known Deepstop-Special Edition -DIR Twintanks :

The bottles are thermally galvanized, polished, and the tan-bands are coated to avoid galvanization in salt water. The resulting zinc coating has proved to be optimal rust protection, and can really only be removed mechanically again. Superficial grates at the bottom of the bottles is no longer possible.

The Twins consists of 2 x 7, 8,5, 10, 12 liter long steel tanks,

Manufacturer: Eurocylinders, Weight about 14kg per bottle, depending on the series.

The bottles have CE, are "Breathing gas " stamped, so oxygen clean, have TUV and Declaration of Confirmity.

The TÜV-certificates and Decl.of confirmity are either at ,or can be downloaded by means of the bottle numbers in the BTS website


Our double devices are supplied with the well-proven V4tec Stainless Steel Precision tankbands, with screws, washers and wing nuts .

The devices are expertly assembled with us, so that the bottles are parallel and in a plane .

We will pack the bottles in special cartons, and deliver them with UPS, DHL or international courier on pallet.

The device is mounted, and always delivered with TÜV and Decl.of Confirmity.

Optional: We offer as an Extra the DIR ZONE Valves ( Same Halcyon) with extralong Thermo-Rubberknobbs (Picture)


We supply all Twins with a highly reflective Solas-name-label, we enclose for mounting.

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Wirklich schön gemachtes robustes Doppelpack!
Absolut zu empfehlen wenn man Lackabplatzer und Rost nicht leiden kann. Die Ventile gehen wirklich leicht.


I bought a set of these nearly 3 years ago. They are still in great shape. Where my buddies tanks are scraped down to bare metal mine are still as well coated as the day I bought them. They are pretty grubby now, having been in some wonderful places. I have never used them with boots on and the coating still remains. Brilliant tanks, and well worth the extra. Highly recommended.

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Very professional product,used with confidence! Deepstop Edition an absolute must for those underwater photographs, these cylinders do not reflect light!

Deepstop definately recommended,thank you Hans for your friendly and professional advise.

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DIR Twin Deepstop

DIR Twin Deepstop

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