Apeks TEC3 DIR Twinset


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The Apeks DIR Set Twin TEK 3 comes in an original APEKS regulatorbag. All fine calibrated, assembled and ready to dive. The best APEKS regulatorset we have to offer:

Right side:

  • Apeks TEK3 1st stage
  • Apeks XTX50 2nd stage 
  • boltsnap

Left side:

  • Apeks TEK3 1st Stage
  • Apeks TX 50 or XTX50 2nd Stage 
  • 60 cm backup hose or 60cm backup flexhose
  • bungeecord necklace
  • 61cm  Rubber or Miflex highpressure hose. ATTENTION! Deepstop uses only the strong Carbon HD Hoses!
  • Deepstop Mineral SPG 52 mm
  • boltsnap


In Our Deepstop-Configuration (picture Nr.1) we have the 1st stage diaphragm outside, so the divers head has more space between the 1st stages, and the twins can be positioned higher...
In the Apeks configuration with the 1.Stage diaphragms inside is less space in between the 1st stages.
Please choose the option you prefer!

You also can chose between Miflex and Rubberhoses. 

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Apeks TEC3 DIR Twinset

Apeks TEC3 DIR Twinset

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