Halcyon Lightset FOCUS 2.0


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The new Light Revolution from Halcyon is here: The FOCUS light 2.0 May 2017!

Focusable beam - 80,000 LUX at 1 meter - High and Low Power Modes - 3 hrs to 3x the runtime - and only 1.4Kg .

Almost twice the output of a 21W HID!

The Halcyon Focus torches mark a new age in the evolution of LED primary lights.

Powered by a unique Halcyon LUX engine, these torches produce almost twice the light of a 21W HID while drawing less than half the power. With an adjustable beam allowing divers to switch between intense focus and wide flood suitable for underwater video, the Halcyon Focus offers 5.5 hours of High Power burntime on its light-weight 5amp LiOn battery canister which can be considerably extended on Low Power setting.

Tackling the difficulty of focusing LEDs, the unique Halcyon LUX engine utilises two reflectors and a Fresnel Lens to provide full focus adjustability instead of the inefficient heat generating process of pushing a lot of power in the LED diode.

300m depth rated. 3 phase (full, half, off) magnetic power switch. Isolated LED core and driver through 3 sealed compartments. Focus-knob control for infinite beam angles from tight (square pattern) to flood (oval). Adjustable handle for easy use. Tiny footprint lightweight battery pack. Portable easy charger. Auto shut-down on low power. Overheat protection and plenty more... Halcyon Quality.

Halcyon FOCUS™offers an adjustable beam to switch between intense focus or a wide beam for underwater video purposes.

Delivery: the new Focus Lighhead 2.0 with the 5,2 AH Batterytank, charger

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Halcyon Lightset FOCUS 2.0

Halcyon Lightset FOCUS 2.0

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