Deepstop DS4 DIR Twin - Set 2014

DS4 - DIR Doubletank Set


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  • The new Set Apeks DS4 Deepsto
  • p-Halcyon:
  • Twin 12 or 8,5, long, steel, CE marked, oxygen, ca. 14 Kg (12L) or 11,5 kg (8,5L) each tank, Eurocylinders (ECS), color white
  • Scubatec valves, DIN, oxygenclean, G5/8, separation manifold, rubberknobs.
  • V4tec stainless steel tank bands
  • Declaration of Confirmity, TÜV
  • Halcyon 40lbs Evolve or Explorer Wing, Halcyon backplate, Halcyon storage pack (MC-System)
  • Regulators:
    Apeks DS4  DIR Set: 2 x DS 4 1st stages, 2 x XTX 50 2nd stages, 210cm Longhose and 60cm Backup hose, 56 HP hose with Deepstop Mineralgauge, boltsnaps.
  • Hoses as you want: Miflexhoses or standard rubberhoses.
  • Apeks Regulatorbag.

  • Comes all together, please ask for shipping costs

Mit diesem Wing ist es zum Fisch nur noch ein kleiner Schritt ;-)

Dert Service bei Deepstop ist 1A => 5 Flossen

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DS4 - DIR Doubletank Set

DS4 - DIR Doubletank Set

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