Apeks XTX50 5-Port 1. Stage


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The most universal 1. Stage available, best DIR hoserouting!

Dry Sealed System with swivel turret (DST),4 MP ports, 3/8" UNF, 2 HP ports 7/16" UNF.

The first stage - the powerhouse of your regulator - reduces the high pressure air stored in your cylinder to a controllable intermediate pressure of about 9.5 BAR. The air then flows along the medium pressure hose to the second stage (demand stage). Apeks manufactures a wide range of first stages to meet the needs of every diver. The DST first stage is one of the world's top 1st stages with proven performance and reliability.
The first stage is of pressure adjustable depth compensated diaphragm design and supplies air at exactly the right pressure. As the diver descends the demand for air increases. To maintain the supply, the intermediate pressure increases in ratio to the water depth. In this dry sealed system, this is achieved by allowing hydrostatic pressure, acting on the diaphragm, to be transmitted to the primary diaphragm via the load transmitter. The 1. Stage comes in the XTX Version with 4x 3/8" mp-

We deliver the DIN-Version (G5/8") with metal handwheel and a dustcover with 1 backup O-ring.

The 1. Stage with a 5 Port 3/8" turret ready installed!

In this version the XTX50 is the most flexible 1. Stage on the market.

Best hoserouting for singletankconfiguration, twins, sidemount and stages!

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Apeks XTX50 5-Port 1. Stage

Apeks XTX50 5-Port 1. Stage

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