Sofnolime 797 Grade 20 kg Canister


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Sofnolime 797 Grade is the most widely used CO2 absorber in the rebreather sector. Due to its high quality standards, it is recommended by most rebreather manufacturers:

- optimized for the absorption of CO2 from breathing gases in rebreathers, such as Nitrox, Trimix, Air

- high CO2 binding capacity

- Granules with different shape and size an optimal packing

- high abrasion resistance, therefore low dust formation

particle size: 1-2,5mm
CO2 absorption rate: >150 l per kg
Indicator: without color indicator

Packaging unit: 20 kg canister

ATTENTION! Exception!

Because of the high weight and packaging special shipping costs of 9.00€ per canister.

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Sofnolime 797 Grade 20 kg Canister

Sofnolime 797 Grade 20 kg Canister

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