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Sidemount evolved from cave diving but it is such a safe and comfortable way of diving with multiple cylinders that it has now taken off as a system and technique that all technical and advanced recreational divers can use.

As a world leader in the design and manufacture of diving equipment with a proud history of innovation Apeks has developed the first CE approved sidemount regulator set specifically for this type of diving. Our test divers were amazed when they tried Sidemount diving.

Try it and you may never go back!

What's included in the Apeks Sidemount Package..?

  • x 1 XTX 50 with 300 Bar DIN DST 1st Stages – 65cm (black with swivel end)  hose (includes 5th port).

  • x 1 XTX 50 with 300 Bar DIN DST 1st Stages – 210cm (black with swivel end) hose (includes 5th port).

  • x 2 20cm custom BCD or Drysuit inflator lightweight hoses.

  • x 1 90* Fixed elbow "only elbow that is CE Certified"

  • x 2 8 inch HP hoses.

  • x 2 1.5 inch SPG

  • x 1 Bungee necklace

  • x 1 small end stainless steel boltsnap.

  • x 2 o-rings for breakaway clip.

  • x 2 cable ties.

  •  x 1 Apeks Regulatorbag

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Apeks Sidemountset

Apeks Sidemountset

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