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Design for females! 

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The perfect combination of warmth, flexibility and comfort:

the ENTH DEGREE EMINENCE QD wetsuit truly represents an evolution in the construction and design of a wetsuit - specifically engineered to meet the highest demands of the ambitious diver.

The difference:

Thanks to the combination of patented materials with highly stretchable neoprene [elasticity M1], the suit achieves highly effective properties. In combination with the modern elements used and the unique design, the Eminence suit stands out from the crowd.

Warm and dry thanks to Q-Dry:

Quick-Dry thermal panels on the entire inside give the suit - without any additional unwanted buoyancy - valuable thermal properties equivalent to thicker suits. And the material is very comfortable against the skin.

The Q-Dry material dries incredibly quickly, which significantly increases long-term thermal comfort. Everyone knows it, the uncomfortable feeling on repetitive dives when wearing cold and wet neoprene....

Anatomy and efficiency:

thanks to clean lines and a perfect, anatomically shaped cut - inspired by surfers - the Eminence suit is one of the most comfortable yet thermally efficient suits currently available on the market.

Technical parameters and design elements:

EnthDegree Quick-Dry technology significantly increases thermal comfort throughout the suit, ensuring a dry and warm suit can always be worn.

The sophisticated rear sealing system "Batwing" (cover zip) provides two functions: It significantly prevents water from entering through the rear zip and at the same time creates an additional comfortable cushion for the spine by minimising pressure on the back. The Batwing is easy to handle thanks to the integrated loop. It is very easy to use: to close the back zip, simply thread the zip tape through the Batwing loop. With the help of the long strap, the Batwing is perfectly positioned when closing the zip.

Suit construction - made from high stretch neoprene with M1 elasticity. The seams are glued, blind stitched (GBS) and additionally taped on the inside with highly elastic neoprene tape. This technology effectively prevents water penetration, keeps your body warm and at the same time ensures a long life of the suit.

The sleeves and legs of the suit are fitted with "push-through cuffs" that seal the suit very effectively against unwanted water penetration but at the same time do not restrict donning and doffing in any way. So a perfect combination of very functional cuffs with comfortable handling. In addition, the wrist is sealed with an inner, hidden silicone cuff, which in combination with the anatomically shaped sleeves creates an optimal seal.
The anatomically shaped legs with push-through cuffs effectively prevent unwanted water penetration.

The smooth neoprene neck cuff is a comfortable and effective neck seal. In addition, there is a Velcro fastener on the back and this can even be closed by means of a special "pocket" during storage/transport to prevent damage. In the upper part, the neck sleeve is locked with a practical elastic band.

The 3D print on the shoulders protects the suit from abrasion by rough shoulder straps of the BCD.

The very durable "Supratex" knee reinforcements also provide protection against abrasion.

The high quality plastic zip on the back has large teeth and a metal slider. The long strap on the slider and a sewn-on loop on the underside of the zip make it easy to operate without assistance. When you close the zip, thread the tape through the loop on the Batwing. This allows you to close the zip and position the Batwing at the same time, ensuring optimal functionality of this ingenious connection. The strap is then fastened in the lower loop of the zip so that it stays in place throughout the dive. After the dive, the tape is released from the loop from the Batwing before the zip tape is pulled down.

Truly amazing how easy the suit is to put on and take off without assistance and how well the ingenious combination of cuffs used seals.


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Design for females! 

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