GUE Fundamentals 4 day class


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Course prerequisite:

A completed diving course, minimum age 16 years, a diving insurance,

Non-smoking, VUE compliant equipment: Backplate, Wing, Longhose configuration,

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The 4 day fundy course is recommended for divers who have been diving dry suits and double equipment for some time and are familiar with the longhose.

The course includes at least 6 hours of water time and lasts approx. 8 hours per day.

In addition to various kicks, the course includes trim, buoyancy control, gas dispensing, valve management, ascents and much more.

The Fundamentals course enables the graduate to participate in the prestigious GUE TEC and Cave courses after successful TEC certification.

At least 2 participants are required for the course.

Please contact us to clarify any questions and to find a possible course date.


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