GUE Supervised Diver ( REC 1 Part B)


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GUE REC1 Supervised Diver class

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The GUE Sporttaucher (Supervised) course normally takes 3 full days to complete the to lay the most important foundations for safe and controlled diving.

One deals with 2 theory modules, makes about 2 hours pool sessions and 2 open water dives.

Course requirement is the GUE Discover Diver course to achieve an even better learning success.

You can upgrade to the independent GUE REC 1 diver after the course.

Summer version:

From about May to October the course can be held with mono tank and wet suit.

The use of our pools, tank fillings and complete equipment except ABC (masks and fins)

are included in the course fee!

Winter version with dry diving and double equipment:

If you want to do the whole course in a Santi dry suit with underwear and a double unit, you can book this for 89.00€ additional fee.

Usually this is necessary from October to April and for ambitious students who want to get a technical diving education towards cave diving and wreck diving.

Please contact for this;

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Are you interested in visiting the underwater world, but not quite sure how comfortable you’ll feel there? Get a taste of what it is like to be underwater with the Supervised Recreational Diver course with GUE.

This class teaches you all the basic skills required for a safe and comfortable dive while limiting the depth of your dives to 12m/40ft. Because of your limited experience, you will always be diving under the supervision of a dive professional.


The Recreational Supervised Diver may be the best first step if you want to dive under the supervision of dive professionals.

You might want to get the extra care they can provide, or you might just prefer to take new experiences in small increments.

This could also be a good solution if time constraints prevent you from taking a full course in one go.

It is also recommended for young people, as it limits their exposure to depth and puts them under adult supervision.


Course outcomes include, but are not limited to: fundamental principles of diving, how the equipment works, and how your body is affected by the pressure changes in the water.

You will learn fun skills that will make you feel confident and competent underwater as well as help you to overcome some basic problems that may occur during your dives.

A GUE Supervised Divers pass means that divers will be certified to dive under the supervision of a dive professional to a maximum depth of 40 ft/12 m.


Add a sense of adventure to your life and challenge yourself to experience beautiful and serene underwater landscapes few people have seen. Recreational Diver 1 is the continuation course to take you deeper beneath the surface while developing your independence as a new diver.

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