Atomic M1 1. Stage


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The Atomic M1 first stage offers all the features associated with DIR:

  • Perfect hose routing through exit on the head of the step
  • Extremely compact
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Compatible with other stages at 9 bar medium pressure
  • The M1 has an extended performance range to work in almost any diving condition imaginable, recreational or tech. Whether you're a recreational diver looking to expand your skills or an experienced specialty diver, this regulator will meet just about any need or diving situation. The M1 is built on the same base as the world famous B1 and T1 regulators
  • High performance breathing: High performance (little effort to inhale at great depths and high breathing rates), but delivers air naturally and comfortably
  • Materials: State-of-the-art metals. Internally used Monel™ parts give the first stage its high strength, corrosion resistance and oxygen tolerance. The second stage is made of 316 stainless steel, palladium/zirconium-coated brass and titanium
  • Nitrox ready: Factory ready for nitrox up to 50% or oxygen mixes up to 100% if special guidelines are followed
  • Compact first stage design: 5-port low pressure ball joint and exclusive "Jet Seat" piston design
  • Bearing protection nozzle: An exclusively patented Atomic Aquatics feature infinitely extends the life of the second stage bearing and eliminates annoying leaks and performance degradation
  • AFC (Automatic Flow Control): An exclusively patented Atomic Aquatics feature automatically corrects airflow based on depth to ensure stable, comfortable breathing
  • Cold Water Diving: First stage is environmentally sealed to prevent ingress of water or contaminants during cold water diving
  • Maintenance every 2 years/300 dives: Corrosion-resistant materials and maintenance-reducing designs extend the usual annual maintenance period to two years. The 30-year limited warranty is not dependent on annual maintenance.

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Atomic M1 1. Stage

Atomic M1 1. Stage

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