XS Scuba SWITCH mask


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The Diving Mask with different Lens-Filters

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The Switch mask has a unique slot in the top of the frame that allows the diver to quickly and easily drop in a variety of functional lens filters. The drop-in lens filter resides in front of the mask’s permanent lenses.

  • The Switch mask comes with 3 lens filters: red, amber and tinted
  • A locking device on top holds lens filters securely in place
  • Uses quick-connect, rotating and ratcheting buckles for easy adjustment and comfort
    • Unique slot in the top of the frame accommodates a lens filter
    • Filters can be oriented with the handling tab on either the left or the right
    • Lens filters are held in place with locking switch on top of the frame
    • The SWITCH mask comes standard with 3 lens filters: tinted, red and amber
    • Available in 6 different frame colors
    • Uses the latest swivel, quick connect buckles with easy ratcheting adjustment
    • The mask skirt is made of hypo-allergenic silicone with double feather-edged sealing surface
    • The frame and lens filters are made of rugged polycarbonate material
    • The comfortable silicone mask strap has wide head piece in back so that it doesn’t migrate up or down
    • Low volume for easy clearing



The SWITCH Mask Bag is designed exclusively for the SWITCH mask. It is the perfect way to protect your SWITCH mask and all of its associated lens filters.

Switch Lens Filter Caddy

The Lens Filter Caddy is the best solution for managing your SWTCH mask lens filters during your dive. The Lens Filter Caddy has multiple attachment options and holds 3 of your favorite lens filters.

Switch Filters Agenta and Black:

Magenta - Used in green water for color correction

Black - Used by public safety teams, military dive commands and dive instructors to train divers for black water and no visibility conditions

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XS Scuba SWITCH mask

XS Scuba SWITCH mask

The Diving Mask with different Lens-Filters

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