In addition to the equipment that you know from our online store, you can find in the deep stop dive center on 500 m² everything for watersports enthusiasts.

For the kids:
Buoyancy, buoyancy aids, UV-Shirts and neoprene shorts from Gr. 98 fins from Gr. 22, masks and snorkels for the little ones, goggles, water toys, child-friendly books about the sea and its inhabitants ... ..
For snorkelers:
Snorkel set, snorkel fins, masks, masks with prescriptions, snorkels, wetsuits, UV-Shirts and overalls, beach shoes, bags, buoys, floats ... ..
For the swimmer:
Swimming goggles for children and adults, for adults with vision, training accessories ...
For the freediver:
Apnea sets, apnea fins, masks, masks with prescription lenses, and snorkeling, apnea suits ... ..

And also:
Neoprene in all sizes and half sizes, in all sizes and designs as a suit, ice vest, vest, Long John, Shorty, shirt, shorts, cap, gloves, dive boot socks ....