Tankprotect Corrosion-protection


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Corrosion protection concentrate for steel or aluminium cylinders;

Produces 500 ml application concentrate each; Required quantity: 40 ML per 10 l bottle;

After professional cleaning with "Power" a metal is metallically pure. The object is now completely free of impurities, but with the contamination, the last "protective layer" has been removed. The metal comes unprotected into contact with oxygen and starts to react immediately. It oxidizes / rusts.

One does not want this to happen, depending on the visibility of the oxidation, an inspector will not grant permission to use breathing air.

In order to prevent this impairment, the surface must be protected against corrosion without any gaps after the last rinsing cycle until it is completely dry. Tank Protect" was developed for this purpose.

"Tank Protect" is used during the last rinse cycle. Thus, the surface to be protected is protected until the subsequent drying process. During the drying process, "Tank Protect" evaporates without residue and the cleaned object is metallically clean again.

"Tank Protect" is liquid and highly productive. One bottle contains 50 ml corrosion protection concentrate and is sufficient for over 20 tests with 5 l bottles.

"Tank Protect" must be diluted to an application concentrate before use. Dilute the 50 ml corrosion protection concentrate with 450 ml of clean water so that 500 ml application concentrate is available.

Fill 20 ml of this application concentrate per 5 l bottle content into the bottle, then fill up with clean water, perform pressure test, empty bottle, dry, blow out, close and fill.

In case of high air humidity, as a precaution before closing, blow out the bottle again dry to remove residual air humidity.
"Tank Protect" is available especially for steel (STEEL) and aluminium (ALU) and is only usable / effective for these materials.

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Tankprotect Corrosion-protection

Tankprotect Corrosion-protection

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