DIR ZONE -DEEPSTOP Singlewingset Stainless

Ultralight, reduced to the max, robust and high quality:

The Deepstop-DIR ZONE Travelset!

Pack price: 779.00€ tax incl.


Price of all items: 870.00€

Pack description

The travel singletank wingset "Travelset-Light" consists of a DIR zone aluminum backplate with harness, Donutwing, 2 Cordura-bladders, 15L lift, an ultra-light aluminum single-tank adapter, 2 bottle straps, 1 knife and a very robust quick-release weight system.

Absolute travel weight of 3.8 kg!

Great DIR-Set for the Diving-Traveller!

Pack content


With this Set you get everything you need for a DIR-Style Singletank Setup. 

Wing (Ring Wing for Singletanks) 

  • double layered bladder with 14, 17 or 20 liters 
  • classic Donut form for easy and perfect trim
  • low profile for minimum drag 
  • very durable Cordura 2000 outside, bladder in Cordura 560
  • additional outlet on left rear
  • incl. inflator hose
  • SPECIAL: no additional single tank adapter necessary 

Cam Band

  • high quality cam bands with robust stainless steal buckle and pad to prevent tank damage

Backplate incl. Harness 

  • saltwater resistent stainless steal Backplate 3mm (approx. 3kg) 
  • or saltwater resistent aluminium Backplate 3mm (approx. 0,75kg) 
  • standard holes for various tank variations 
  • DIR Style Harness 


  • small DIR Style knife incl. pouch 

Storage Pack 

  • incl. screws for assembly 
  • for SMB storage 

Ballast system consists of 2 pockets

Ballast system consists of 2 pockets, which are slipped on a waist strap and fastened to a backplate. Vertical mount 
Inside each pocket is an inner pocket with a handle for inserting the weights. 
Colour: black

Adapter for mounting a single tank to a double tanks wing made of salt water resistant stainless-steel.
Comes with screws but without the pictured CamBands.(optional)

The real advantage of that STA is the 8 Slots for the cambands, so there are different postions available to place the tank on the Back.

Sometimes the tanks are always too high, so there is no space left for the divers head...

Optional: 2 Cambands DIR Zone with SS Buckles. (Picture 2)

  • Unique cam band has hoop/buckle feature to allow complete separation of buckle from strap
  • 316 stainless steel buckle has a higher “lift” on the rolling edge to increase force
  • Higher lift causes buckle to “snap” into place eliminating
    unintentional release of the buckle
  • Easy to adjust to different cylinder diameters