Halcyon Explorer 21 Watt HID


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  • Sealed Delrin lid design; completely isolates battery compartment from cord and light head
  • Battery and lid connect with corrosion-resistant, solid-core gold-plated plugs; plugs are O-ring sealed to ensure leakproof lid
  • New secure battery tray with stainless steel rods for additional protection
  • Unique captured silicon switch boot integrated into new ergonomic Delrin switch protector
  • "Halcyon Blue" lid O-ring and switch boot
  • Solid Delrin canisters are longer to ease the stowing of the long primary hose; water-trap in bottom of canister and raised battery tray provide additional protection for the battery
  • Lifetime canister warranty
  • Depth rated to 500’/152m
  • NiMH battery technology
  • New dual-voltage 4amp charger with built-in cooling fan
  • Many new features of the Explorer series are patent-pending
  • Burntime: with 4.5 AH tank: about 120 Minutes, with 9 AH tank: about 240 Minutes, with 13.5AH about 360 Minutes.
    • Locking bulb design eliminates the risk of dislodged bulbs and sporadic ignition problems (patent pending).

    • Super high-temperature polymer (PEEK) nearly eliminates risk of heat damage common within the competition. New, brighter bulb with a shorter stem and protection sleeve reduces risk of breakage during transport.

The best Halcyon-Light so far, we think..........

optional for the the Explorer-21W HID SET is a waterproof special customized black suitcase, and the different Batteries...

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Halcyon Explorer 21 Watt HID

Halcyon Explorer 21 Watt HID

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