Halcyon Gaiter Wraps


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Gaiter Wraps provide dry suit divers with extra comfort, increased safety, and reduced drag by limiting airflow to your feet. Rugged Cordura construction and double Velcro Gaiter Closure make the Halcyon Gaiters as tough as they are functional. Now you can gain the same high performance advantage as leading exploration divers. From cave to wreck, technical divers will find Gaiter Wraps a welcome alternative to cumbersome ankle weights and bulky dry suit legs.

Available in adjustable 12-inch , 14-inch, and 16-inch calf sizes; Gaiter Wraps stretch to accomodate most divers.


This is a real MASTER CHOICE, it's unbelieveable how good it is to wear them... You can take all the position underwater without having o wonder about the air going to the boots... I love these it's perfect for Cave and Wrecks...

TDI Trimix Instructor

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Halcyon Gaiter Wraps

Halcyon Gaiter Wraps

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