Ocean Positive: Cayman Swim Shorts black


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Ocean Positive: Cayman Swim Shorts black

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WHAT if you could wear something that was good for the oceans?

OceanPositive swimwear are made using recycled nylon from fishing nets which have been abandoned by fishing vessels having snagged on reef, wrecks etc.

These “Ghost Nets” amount to over 600,000 tonnes of lost gear every year. The main hazard is to marine life - from invertebrates to large marine mammals. They continue to fish, long after they have been abandoned, and account for countless lives. The netting, very slow to degrade, scrubs coral, creating a desolate seascape where they are dragged over the reef by shifting currents.

Now, all over the world, dive teams are removing these Ghost Nets from the wrecks and reefs, often at great depths, and bringing them up to the surface where they can be recycled and spun into nylon yarn.

Fourth Element uses fabric made from ECONYLl®, the recycled yarn, combined with Lycra® to make a line of active swimwear.

We think, this a great idea 


CAYMAN is a simple and comfortable swim shorts with a contrast drawcord and subtle logo, colour black.

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Ocean Positive: Cayman Swim Shorts black

Ocean Positive: Cayman Swim Shorts black

Ocean Positive: Cayman Swim Shorts black

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