Fourth Element Women's Xerotherm Baselayer XT250


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4-Piece Set (Vest, Top, Leggins and Socks) plus Leightweight Dry Sack

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The Xerotherm is the ultimate base layer for use under a drysuit. Made using Polartec® Powerstretch® which was originally developed for NASA, the Xerotherm traps a layer of air - a much better insulator than water - next to the skin, keeping the wearer drier and more comfortable.

Designed to be worn under a padded undersuit or on its own under a crushed neoprene drysuit, it provides astonishing warmth without contributing to bulk.


The Xerotherm is the ultimate base layer system for dry suit diving. It can be used either on its own under crushed neoprene or under a Thinsulate to augment a diver's existing thermal protection.
Constructed from Polartec Power Stretch fabric which has been used on several Everest expeditions, the Xerotherm is the most effective next to the skin garment for ensuring warmth and comfort in demanding environmental conditions.

fast wicking:

The Xerotherm is made from the fastest wicking fabric in existence. Moisture is moved away from the skin. Air, which is a far superior insulator, is held at the skins surface. This dramatically reduces conductive heat loss from the body.
four way stretch and versatility:
Worn under membrane suits, as a base layer beneath existing thermal protection, the Xerotherm significantly improves a diver's warmth and comfort.
Under crushed neoprene suits the low volume, high thermal performance of the Xerotherm provides outstanding protection without loss of freedom of movement.

design features:

  • High waisted leggings with flat tape ensures no separation of top and leggings. Flat seams are used throughout to maximise next to the skin comfort.
  • Secure foot pockets ensure leggings stay in place whilst donning a drysuit. On the top, thumb loops prevent sleeves from riding up.
  • Almost 70% of heat is lost through the head. The xerotherm hat, which is warm even when wet, is ideal pre and post dive thermal protection.
  • The Xerotherm vest is the perfect accompaniment to a xerotherm for extra protection for the body core. Comfortable and warm, it can make all the difference on a long deco stop.

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Fourth Element Women's Xerotherm Baselayer XT250

Fourth Element Women's Xerotherm Baselayer XT250

4-Piece Set (Vest, Top, Leggins and Socks) plus Leightweight Dry Sack

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