GUE REC 1 Beginner Class

From : Donnerstag, Mai 13, 2021
To : Sonntag, Mai 16, 2021
Venue : Deepstop GmbH, 68723 Schwetzingen, Duisburgerstr.4

The GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) REC 1 Beginner's Course

GUE is known worldwide as the dive organization that offers the most thorough, sustainable and best diving education!

Our mission at DEEPSTOP is to provide a TOP education for the ambitious novice diver who also meets the diving needs of our home waters and offers the best foundation & perspective for challenging dives in caves or deep wrecks.

In the GUE REC 1 course for beginners all important aspects of diving are learned.

The course includes a training with about 40 hours of instruction, including 14 dives (in the pool and open water).

We have at least 4 hours pool time on weekends, a training lake just around the corner, a 30 sqm fully equipped training room and all the VUE diving equipment to the highest technical standard, including dry suit.

The GUE REC 1 course includes diving with NITROX (oxygen enriched air).

and with DEEPSTOP also dry diving from the beginning.

(Dry suit: The best possible underwater insulation)

Thus the best possible foundation is laid for one of the most beautiful adventures there is!

At DEEPSTOP all equipment including dry suit is included in the course!

The course can be booked in weekend format (2 weekends) or in compact format for 5 days.

Course requirements:

valid diving suitability
at least 14 years
diving accident insurance
The course can be booked as an exclusive course with 1 participant and as a team with 2-3 participants per course.

The exact standards can be found here:

For many sports and nature enthusiasts, her first diving course was the introduction to a fascinating new world, which often captivated her for decades.

Course price "All inclusive" : 700.00 €, individual course: 900.00 € p.p. incl. gases and complete diving equipment.

For further information and appointments please contact

Contact Person : Hans Drexler
Phone : +49 (0) 6202 26187
Email :
Address : Deepstop Gmbh Duisburgerstr.4 D-68723 Schwetzingen

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