GUE Fundameltals Course by Guest Instructor Keith Kreitner

From : Donnerstag, September 26, 2019
To : Sonntag, September 29, 2019
Venue : Deepstop GmbH, 68723 Schwetzingen, Duisburgerstr.4

GUE Fundamentals course in 4 day intensive format with our guest instructor Keith Kreitner:

The basic course for every ambitious diver!
Take your diving skills to a new level!
The course takes place at DEEPSTOP in Schwetzingen, Germany, with optimal logistics: workshop, filling station, etc.

The GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) is a non-commercial organization offering the world's most challenging diving courses.

In addition to diving education, the GUE is an international association of world-renowned cave and wreck divers, scientists, researchers and environmentalists.

The GUE Fundamentals course deals with the "basics" of diving.

On the basis of the GUE / DIR equipment configuration, i.e. longhose, double equipment, backplate with wing, tank lamp, dry suit, one deals intensively with diving in 4 full days.

In practice, many dry drills and at least 6 dives with partial video analysis are carried out.

The focus of the practical training is :

Trim, buoyancy, balance, fin strike techniques, team diving, safety drills and dive rescue.

In theory, the topics are:

GUE, trim, buoyancy, balance, kicks, dive planning, gas management, nitrox, gases, decompression, problem management and the GUE system are discussed.

The course provides the student with an objective assessment and a consistent "filing" of the most important diving skills.

The successful completion of the course offers an introduction to the GUE's course system in the field:

Recreational, TEC or Cavediving.
Course price: 700,00€ incl. VAT as 4 day complete format!


In Schwetzingen and surroundings there are good accommodations. approx. 40,00€ per night.

I can help with the reservation or search.

The price for gases (EAN 32) would be 40,00€ total.

There is the possibility to rent various equipment for the course!

Information about this course: Keith Kreitner,

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Contact Person : Keith Kreitner
Phone : :+4917687676451
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