TEK3 - DIR Doubletank Set


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The Deepstop DIR double tank set with Apeks TEC3 regulators. 

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The Deepstop DIR TEK3 set is equipped with the TEK3 1st stage and XTX50

2nd stage from Apeks. The 5th port allows perfect hose routing in DIR configuration.

The bottle in this set is a double-12 with Scubatec valves and V4Tec precision clamps.

It is mounted on a Halcyon backplate with Halcyon Evovle bladder.

The Apeks DIR Set Twin TEK 3 comes in an original APEKS regulatorbag. All fine calibrated, assembled and ready to dive. The best APEKS regulatorset we have to offer:

Right side:

  • the new Apeks TEK3 1st stage
  • Apeks XTX50 2nd stage 
  • boltsnap

Left side:

  • the new Apeks TEK3 1st Stage
  • Apeks TX 50 or XTX50 2nd Stage 
  • 60 cm backup hose or 60cm backup flexhose
  • bungeecord necklace
  • 61cm  standard or Flex-highpressure hose-ATTENTION! Deepstop uses only the new Carbon HD Hoses!
  • mineral Deepstop-SPG or Halcyon SPG
  • boltsnap

The Wing

Included in the set is the Halcyon Evolve Wing, which has proven itself over the years.

The wing comes on a steel or stainless steel backplate (standard: steel) and in Regular or Intermediate (makes sense from a height of 1.70m or smaller).

The wing comes in the 40 lbs (18kg) version.

The D12-Tanks

When choosing the right double-12 bottles you can choose between a round bottom and a concave bottom. Bottles with round bottoms allow a more central weight distribution, while concave bottoms allow an easy putting down of the bottle and prevent a top-heaviness of the diver.

The cylinder surface is flame spray galvanized, primed, painted, colour white.

The TÜV documents and commissioning confirmation are either enclosed or can be downloaded from the BTS homepage (www.bts-eu.com) using the bottle numbers.

Our double units are supplied with the tried and tested V4tec stainless steel precision clamp sets (V4 steel), with screws, washers and wing nuts.

Manufacturer: Eurocylinders,

Weight per bottle approx. 14kg, depending on series

The set is expertly assembled by us so that the bottles are parallel and in one plane.

We pack the set in special cartons and usually deliver it on pallets by UPS or shipping company.

The regulators come in an Apeks regulator bag.

If you have any questions or special requests, please feel free to email us at shop@deepstop.de!

Also optional: Halcyon special colors possible, select under "Download" in the order form or click HERE! Delivery time approx. 3 weeks.

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TEK3 - DIR Doubletank Set

TEK3 - DIR Doubletank Set

The Deepstop DIR double tank set with Apeks TEC3 regulators. 

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