DIR Twin 12 Set Scubapro

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The BTS-Scubatec Twins consists of 2 x 12 liter long steel tanks,

Manufacturer: Eurocylinders, Weight about 14kg per bottle, depending on the series.

The bottles have CE, are "Breathing gas " stamped, so oxygen clean, have TUV and Declaration of Confirmity.

The TÜV-certificates and Decl.of confirmity are either at ,or can be downloaded by means of the bottle numbers in the BTS website


Our double tanks are supplied with the well-proven V4tec Stainless Steel Precision tankbands, with screws, washers and wing nuts .

The twins are expertly assembled with us, so that the bottles are parallel and in a plane .

We will pack the tanks in special cartons and deliver them with UPS, DHL or international courier on pallet.

The Scubatec valves have CE, DIN G5/8 DIN connection with a M25/2- thread for bottle, and are Oxygen Clean.

The device is mounted and always delivered with TÜV and Decl.of Confirmity.

We offer them with round bottom (Classic Style) or concave style.

The Concave bottom allows the cylinder to stand vertical on its own, without requiring a plastic boot.

The new bottom shape results in some extra weight compared to a classical cylinder (+0,6kg).

Such additional weight can be a beneficial for balancing twinsets. Especially coldwaterdivers with thick undergarments can dive that set with no additional or minimum lead.

Tailweights are not necessary for these tanks anymore.

Solid Ring-Wingset for Twins

With this Set you get everything you need for a DIR-Style Doubletank Setup! 

Wing (Ring Wing for Doubletanks) 

  • double layered bladder with 20L (D8,5 or D12) 
  • classic Donut form for easy and perfect trim
  • low profile for minimum drag 
  • very durable Cordura 1000 outside, bladder in Cordura 560
  • additional outlet on left rear
  • incl. inflator hose

Backplate incl. Harness 

  • saltwater resistent stainless steal Backplate 3mm (approx. 3kg) 
  • or saltwater resistent aluminium Backplate 3mm (approx. 0,75kg) 
  • standard holes for various tank variations 
  • DIR Style Harness 


  • small DIR Style knife incl. pouch 

Storage Pack 

  • incl. screws for assembly 
  • for SMB storage 

Great Scubapro-Deepstop Regulatorset for Twintanks!

The Deepstop/Scubapro DIR Twinset:

1st stage MK25 EVO DIN, 210cm Scubapro Longose, the G260 2. Stage with a small SS-Boltsnap,

1, Stage MK25 EVO DIN, 56cm Backuphose, the G260 2. Stage with Bungee-Loop,

and the DEEPSTOP 360 bar SPG , 52mm Diameter, SS Boltsnap and 60cm HP Hose,

and the Scubapro Regulatorbag,

all Scubapro Warranty Papers, all mounted, adjusted and ready to Dive.

Optional: Set with mountes Black Miflex-hoses!


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