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Superb twinset camming system - holds cylinders with absolute security

The APV webbing camband system has proven itself for over 30 years to be the superior system available in terms of ease of use, adjustability and cylinder security.

NO TOOLS REQUIRED - simple to change over from the single camband that comes as standard with a BUDDY BCD to a twinset camband upgrade and adjust & fasten the camband entirely by hand.

NO NEED TO WET THE BANDS - other brand systems require the bands to be wet before you tighten them because their webbing expands when wet and would therefore loosen during the dive. APV cambands can be adjusted and tightened completely dry with the confidence of superior cylinder grip throughout the dive.

NO CYLINDER BOOT OR MANIFOLD REQUIRED - the twin cylinders are held in place by the separation blocks and do not require either a twin cylinder boot or a manifold. It is the diver's choice whether they want to use a manifold, but the APV system offers the option of having a first stage on each cylinder. Held by bands at top and bottom, the twinset is held as rigidly in position as any metal-band/twinboot/manifold system.

The BK15-17 series Twinset Kits are designed to be used with any BUDDY backplate (pre or post 2007).

Available in 3 sizes:

BK15 - 5.5"/140mm diam cylinders (7 and 8,5 litre cylinders)

BK16 - 7"/178mm diam cylinders (10 and 12 litre cylinders)

BK17 - 8"/203mm diam cylinders (12 litre dumpy and 15 litre cylinders)

There is leeway in the webbing band length to cater for unusual cylinder sizes.

To convert back to a single cylinder camband when required is simply a question of re-threading the backpack, a job that requires no tools to complete and takes only a few minutes.

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Twinset Camband

Twinset Camband

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