Apeks TX50 2. Stage oxyclean


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The TX50 has been one of, if not the best performing regulator in the world for a number of years, due to its pneumatically balanced 2nd stage with integrated venturi system and diver adjustable cracking resistance control.

With this level of control it is possible to tune the regulator to your personal breathing requirements.

The excellent cold water performance of the TX50 is due to the highly efficient heat exchanger system on the 2nd stage and the dry, environmentally sealed 1st stage. Four medium pressure ports are mounted on a swiveling turret with two high pressure ports on the body. The first stage also has a unique personal identification facility. The TX50 uses the DST first stage (AP0230) with either DIN or 'A' clamp fitting.

The TX50 2. Stage comes from apeks as the Oxygenclean version, black, perfect as a Stageregulator!

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Apeks TX50 2. Stage oxyclean

Apeks TX50 2. Stage oxyclean

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