Halcyon Eclipse Wing 30/40 LBS Special


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Das Halcyon Monowing mit ca. 19 Liter Auftrieb (40lbs) oder ca 14 Liter (30 lbs). Durch die zweischalige Konstruktion ist es genauso robust und zuverlässig wie ein Explorer oder Evolve Wing. Zur Befestigung einer Flasche an Wing und Backplate wird ein Single Tank Adapter benötigt.

Optional: das Wing in 40lbs, aber mit den Sonderfarben Schwarz/Silber oder Schwarz Blau!


expensive wing but it is very strong and a pleasure to dive with,i have mine years now and it still looks perfect,i recommend the wing over standard bcds,,,


    Halcyon equipment isn’t cheap but if you are interested in improving you’re diving then the DIR system is something consider. The Eclipse Wing along with many components of the DIR system will come with me on my live aboard diving trips abroad and should help be more efficient in the water, safer, and enjoy my diving through improved mobility and trim.

    Hans was indispensable for allowing me to tap his knowledge on the topics as well as the specific recommendations he made for my diving expectations and of course the fitting of the equipment. Thanks Hans!

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      Halcyon Eclipse Wing 30/40 LBS Special

      Halcyon Eclipse Wing 30/40 LBS Special

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