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The ACCU THERMO range gives you

  • Robust build and reliability
  • Advanced technological solutions
  • Design developed from the ground up to cater for divers' heating needs

The ACCU THERMO range batteries are a modern source of power supply for divers' heated clothing.

ACCU THERMO's switch on-off and the two-position performance controls are simple, intuitive and reliable.

The built-in LED indicator gives you information on the battery level, thanks to which you know exactly when the device needs charging.

What’s more, the ACCU THERMO range features the intelligent E/O system protecting connections from damage. The Tank comes with a Digital charger!

he ACCU THERMO range is intended to be used to supply power to divers' heated clothing requiring voltages of up to 12 V.

The combined maximum input power of receivers (undersuit, vest, gloves, and torch) for ACCU 18 Ah THERMO and ACCU 24 Ah is 200 W, with ACCU 10 Ah THERMO featuring 140 W power.


The THERMO range batteries feature two connection terminals at the top of the casing:

1. A terminal featuring a built-in cable with a wet E/O connector used to connect the heating. Equipped with an intelligent E/O system, the terminal features a two-stage (70% and 100%) performance control switch. I

2. A terminal used to charge the battery, which may be optionally applied to connect any Ammonite System® torch head.

What is intelligent E/O?

Intelligent E/O is an electronic circuit protecting the contacts of a wet connector from damage caused by electrolysis. The process behind such damage takes place during the passage of current in water between the contacts of a standard connector when it's disconnected or unsecured with a protective cap.

As far as intelligent E/O goes, until the battery and a receiver, e.g. a heated vest, are connected, there's no voltage on the contacts of the E/O cord. Voltage is also automatically cut off once the cable is plugged out. In this way, no current passes between the contacts of the wet connector, preventing them from damage.

LED indicator

Labelled "LED indicator", The LED indicator is located at the top part of the battery casing. The LED light indicates the battery performance status and provides information on the current battery level.

When the battery is switched on, the indicator lights for four seconds in one of the following modes:

  • green, continuous: 75% – 100 % of charge capacity
  • green, intermittent: 50% – 75% of charge capacity
  • red, intermittent: 25% – 50%
  • red, continuous: less than 25%

Next, the LED switches to the operation ready mode – repeated two red flashes and one green – battery ready for operation – no receiver on the E/O output.

Once a receiver is connected and found, the E/O output becomes active and the indicator lights green.

Battery capacity 10,4 Ah 18,2 Ah 23,46 Ah
Voltage 11,1 V 11,1 V 11,1 V
Charge time 3 h 20’ 6 h 8 h
Number of cycles 500-700 500-700 500-700
Charge temperature 10-40 °C 10-40 °C 10-40 °C
materiał DELRIN® / teflon covered aluminium DELRIN® / teflon covered aluminium DELRIN® / teflon covered aluminium
Max. length 200 mm 262 mm 262 mm
Max. diameter 66 mm 66 mm 66 mm
Weight 1110 g 1560 g 1610 g
Weight in water 415 g 665 g 715 g
Pressure test 20 bar 20 bar 20 bar
Max. operation depth 150 m 150 m 150 m

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Ammonite Heiztanks 10AH

Ammonite Heiztanks 10AH

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